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Everything We Know About Shania Twain's 2017 Comeback Album

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Everything We Know About Shania Twain's 2017 Comeback Album

Mark your calendars: Shania Twain has new music coming in 2017.

The country music superstar released her last album, Up!, in 2002. After a two-year Las Vegas residency and 2015's Rock This Country tour, Twain is ready to release her fifth studio album in the spring. "I'm so overdue!" Twain admits. "I feel like I just need to keep making albums now."

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Wednesday, Twain reveals she's been toiling away at new music for years. Before she even set foot in a recording studio, though, she would often come up with lyrics and melodies and store them on various recording devices. "There's, like, five of them," she says. "I'm forever backing things up. So if it's a rainy day or I'm bored, I'll go through my electronics and listen to things. They'll have titles like 'Fun Beat' or 'Fab Memory.'"

4 weeks ago via E!Online
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